We train a “third way” of church planting that considers North America a mission field embedded in a post-Christendom culture.
The C.P.I. aims to:
  • Develop personal rhythms of the spiritual life
  • Develop a life exhibiting grace and truth
  • Develop a life recognizing God at work
  • Develop multiplying discipleship structures
  • Develop the ability to lead teams and communities
  • Develop ministry skills such as discipleship, evangelism, preaching, teaching, pastoral care, etc.
  • Develop skills in reading the neighborhood
  • Develop ability to engage local cultures creatively
  • Develop sustainability in finances and leadership
These books and podcasts will introduce you more to our posture

“Theology on Mission” is a podcast by David Fitch and Mike Moore, broadcasting from Northern Seminary. Fitch and Moore bring their experiences as pastors and professors to bear on issues of church, mission, and theology. Pull up a chair or ride around town with them by subscribing on iTunes, Stitcher, or your podcast player of choice.