Church Planting Institute

Starting 2021

Church Planting in

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Our Posture

This is not a quick fix or traditional approach to church planting.

The institute features in-person and distance training from David Fitch & Hugh Halter.
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Our Process

Every year we accept 12 planters for a two-year process of training in the philosophy and methodology of church planting:

Learning Labs

Five 8-week classes taught by Dave Fitch & Hugh Halter around the foundations and practices of church planting.


Two immersions, one in Chicago and another outside of St. Louis (Alton, IL) with contextual training with a cohort of planters.

Coaching & Training

Monthly coaching and training from experienced practitioners and theologians


We teach how to plant a church without a budget.

Our participants are bi-vocational, some raise money, others have financial support from a denomination. As a result our prices are aimed at sustainability and affordability that doesn't sacrifice quality training and support

The CPI is an initiative of Northern Seminary and generated with partnerships from: